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My A1C is down from (ridiculous number) to (slightly less ridiculous number). I had an X-ray on my hip to see if anything is really wrong with it, a prescription for muscle relaxers in the hopes that they'll help, and a referral to physical therapy for both the recent injury and a potential early start if I have arthritis. I have a plan for checking my blood sugars and coordinating with my doctor that may actually prevent my anxiety reactions, and a referral to a new eye doctor that will probably take my insurance.

Medical things are so very stressful, but... looking up, I think.
Last night headed to archery, I tripped and hit my knees hard. My hip was in agony for about 5-10 minutes, although it finally calmed down. Then when I took the dog out I jogged her to the potty spot, and some of the pain came right back. This morning it's still hurting a bit, although walking doesn't SEEM to aggravate it... so I don't have a good enough excuse to call in. I'm the only one opening the department. My hips have always been a problem, but this is very worrisome.

Jul. 17th, 2015

Sometimes games have the flimsiest reasons for wanting you to murder people.

"Oh no! Vampire hunters!"
"Isn't that... a good thing?"
"No! They don't care about the children! They only want the bounty!"
"So... we want to kill the vampires, and they want to kill the vampires, but that's bad because they have the wrong reason."
"Yes! So let's get them!"
"Wait, now we're killing them for having the wrong reason to kill vampires? Why don't we just watch them kill the vampires to make sure it gets done?"
"They'll think we want their bounty. Come on!"
"I... have been railroaded into this. Whatever."

Jul. 15th, 2015

-I watch Netflix with closed captioning on because I can't always understand what's being said. So I just realized that "cocks rifle" could mean two very, very different things, depending on which word is the verb and which word is the noun...

-Lyra and I saw Wicked this last weekend. The production was wonderful. I had some problems with the weird fluctuating sound levels but I don't know if that was the singers or the microphones. I am glad I saw it. It was a good experience. That being said, it was absolutely depressing. You get a lot more context watching the production than just listening to the soundtrack, and... nobody wins. Nobody gets a happy ending, not one single character. I'd go into detail but I don't want to give spoilers (for a show that's been going for years based on a book out for longer...). While I think most people left thinking, "Yay! Good show! Good singers!" I couldn't stop thinking about how *every character's story ended poorly*.

It's been too long since I read the book. I should really find it again.
I've never been this broke before.
We bought a mattress today. Yay, no more air mattress! Boo, it cost us $650... which we really don't have... so it went on the credit card. But both our backs have been in severe daily pain, so it was a necessity. At least we have that card. Thanks to Lyra's lovely credit score, it's at like 6% interest, so it won't cost us TOO much. I hate buying things we can't technically afford.
Playing Skyrim again.

The one phrase that explains everything you do in Skyrim is... "Fuck you, I'm the Dragonborn!"

So if you are sleeping in front of me? Damn right I will steal all your shit to level my pickpocketing and throw it in the street because it's useless and heavy. If you somehow don't feel my taking some of the stuff from your house is stealing? There will be nothing left in your house. Seriously. No plates, ladles, buckets or baskets. I will take it all and sell it to the nearest merchant. Until I get overladen. Then I will throw it in the street.

Because fuck you, I'm the Dragonborn! :D
For various reasons including a nearly 10-hour stay overnight at a gas station in Fife, we've decided the RV isn't okay any more. It's kind of too bad - we haven't finished paying off the repairs, so it's a bit of a costly mistake, and we were really starting to settle into the necessary rhythms. But then, it's also a relief. We'll have electricity, and a bathroom that doesn't need to be emptied, and a working fridge, and the ability to cook. So there are advantages. But I'm sad this experiment has failed.

We've already been approved for a studio north of Seattle, we just have to sign paperwork tomorrow and then move in. I was desperately worried that something would screw us over and we'd need to scramble for an extra deposit or a co-signer, but... it just went through. Likely because of Lyra's amazing credit score.


Tooth was removed on Friday, thanks to the UW Dental School. That was actually - other than the procedure and the pain and the situation - quite pleasant. I would like to make further appointments for the other dental work I need with them, but I lost the paper that says how! Maybe Lyra has it somewhere.

The strangest thing is, when I told people I just had my tooth extracted, they would ask, "Do you feel better now?" ...no! No, I do not! The tooth that really (REALLY, I kept it for a bit, there was a giant squishy black hole in the side) needed to come out has left a bloody hole in my face and actually I feel quite a bit worse now! I WILL feel better but right now I'm numb and drooling blood everywhere.
That dentist appointment was... nearly useless. Two hours, a thorough examination, and they tell me I need my wisdom teeth extracted and the one that's been giving me hell over the last month extracted. BUT. The appointment they can give me is in FOUR MONTHS. And the place they could refer me to required something of my income like a tax return, which of course I didn't have, so I had to spend an extra hour fetching it, and oh, I won't know when they can fit me in until 1-2 weeks from now. Meanwhile, my face is swollen and I'm taking at least 1200mg of ibuprofen every day just to get by. Sleeping is hell. This isn't... this was useless, and they're the only place that take my insurance, so if I don't wait months and months hoping I don't die of infection spreading to the brain, I have to pay ridiculous amounths for a different dental clinic to do something about it. And wait for them, too.

Now after that, we still have to sit in a laundromat and do an hour's worth of laundry while I worry about my dog because she's been having separation anxiety and ripping things up while we're gone, and Lyra's too upset to be comforting.